Turf Charleston SC

Coastal Carolina Hardscapes is an ICPI Certified full service design and installation company capable of completing any hardscape or turfscape project in both the commercial and residential applications.

Our company has been serving the Low Country of South Carolina for over 15 years and we have over 250 design and installation projects on our books. We are unique in that in the last five of those years, we have added synthetic turf to our installation process giving us an advantage over our completion.  Coastal Carolina Hardscapes has stayed abreast of all the new innovative materials that have come on the market in recent years that make backyard designs and installation more appealing and functional.  To bring the customer the lowest price possible, we have forged a long standing relationship with our many suppliers to bring to the public.   We aslo work with the best top landscape architects to bring our customers the latest in design techniques.

 The following categories comprise our Scope of Work –  Hardscape, Turfscape, Outdoor Living, Hardscape Applications

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Driveways and Sidewalks: 

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We install pavers on most of our driveway/sidewalk projects working with five paver and brick manufacturers. Using the  specifications from the ICPI guidelines, we make sure our foundations are deep enough to handle the heavy traffic in those areas. We also install concrete with an oyster finish called Tabby. We “over kill” the spraying of oyster shells on 95% of the surface to insure no “bald spots” appear. In all our years of driveway installations,  we have never had a failure where the foundation sinks!

Pool Surrounds:

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Charleston Pergola May21 4

We have a unique advantage installing pool surrounds in that we combine stone with synthetic turf to give the surface a soft and appealing look- easy on the feet- we like to say.

Retaining Walls/Seatwalls

We have a ten year relationship with the best retaining wall manufacturer in the Carolinas ensuring that our customers get the best color and type of material selected for their particular needs. As in all hardscape applications,  the proper installation of the foundation is the key to ensuring no failures in the structures occur and we have never had to re-do any of our wall projects.

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Turfscape Applications



The trend in home building today is larger homes being built on postage size lots and the advantages of installing Synthetic Turf in the backyard are many:  no costly irrigation, no watering ( which comprises 60% of a homeowners water bill) no pesticides applications since ants and mosquitos won’t build on it or lay eggs in it, no yard maintenance- cutting, trimming, raking- just an occasional blower to remove leaves and debris from the surface.  Our company is a Certified Installer of Freedom Synthetic Turf which has a patented product that is a game changer in the turf industry- no other manufacturer makes this product: It is non directional,  has a anti microbial backing, drains 10 times faster (505 gallons/CY/Hour)  has a 3 color weave with thatch showing that makes it look real. When compared with other samples, the homeowner almost always selects this product. And, oh yes, dogs love it! 

Outdoor Living Applications

Kitchen Islands, Fireplaces, Fire Pits, and Pergolas comprise our outdoor living installations and we use only the best of the best products to bring the homeowner the most value for their money. 

We have three brands of Cooking Grills- good $750+, better $2,500+ best $5,000+ – in our inventory. Our Fireplaces are custom built using the finest stone money can buy and our Fire Pits are the best on the market- a 160 lb 1/2 ” cast iron kettle that can be passed down to the homeowner’s grandchildren – they just don’t wear out! We use the finest treated wood products to custom build our Pergolas with a very unique design using only screws and bolts to build them. We don’t use cookie cutters or big box store kits!  We also stain all of our Pergolas to make them weatherproof. All of our applications come with a one year warranty on workmanship. The warranties on manufactured products are handled by the homeowner.