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What in the World is a Hardscape?


Hardscape is the surface application in a backyard using various stones, concrete pavers and rock.  It comprises chase areas that consist of patios, fireplaces, kitchen island, pool surrounds and pergolas, the basic functions of a well designed backyard.


What Are The Costs Involved in Hardscaping My Backyard?


The range goes from a small patio and firepit starting at about $6,000 and can go all the way up to $50,000 backyard projects.

It depends on the material and landscaping plan used to complete the job.Each project is unique and the operative question we asked customers to determine costs is “How do you intend to use your outdoor living area?


What Are My Hardscaping Options


Various applications can be designed to complete your backyard project. Material selection is plentiful.  You can use brick, pavers, stone, plantation mix or any combination to get the desired results.  We generally do not use wood products for ground surfaces  (decking) because in this Lowcountry climate, it does not last too long and is usually replaced within ten years.  Stone, pavers, rock on the other hand lasts well into 20 years of use.


What Are The Main Reasons to Hardscape My Backyard?


With the advent of “staycations” people are using their backyards more than ever.  Gone are the days of a concrete patio, wooden picnic table and small grill.  Being able to invite friends and neighbors over for a cookout is something “money just can’t buy” when you have a well designed space.  And history has proven that a well designed backyard adds value to the price of your home by as much as 7%.


How Environmentally Friendly are Paving Stones?


Yes, most definitely! And the trend today is to prepare the base properly so no water  runoff occurs, thus helping to prevent washout.  Our company uses base material that allows the water to drain through the paver all the way down to the substrate.  


Ready To Get Going?


Call us to come out to your home and talk to you about the many options available to complete your backyard project.  Here’s how we move forward: Once we determine how you want to use your backyard,  we put together a “ballpark” number to work with. We “tweak” that number to fit your budget.  We offer many phases in the hardscaping process and you can pick your applications over time.